Our guests love the garden, with the places in the shade of the trees and palms, the flowers, the shrubs, as well as our organic vegetable plot. A part of the garden is ‘mowed ‘ by our small flock of sheep; they are shy, but love to eat your dry bread. Don’t worry, they won’t disturb you though, they have their own area to enjoy.

The natural swimming pool is an ideal meeting place for a chat, or simply to sunbathe, whilst offering the opportunity to refresh yourself in its deliciously cool and organically clean waters. Our pool is very special, as it both looks and ‘behaves ‘ like a real pond. In the reeds around the edges, you will find croaking frogs, slip dragonflies, as well as ramshorn snails who eat the algae, and keep the pool clean for your enjoyment. In addition, micro – organisms and plant roots also clean the water, there are no chemicals used. This means it is environmentally friendly, as well as being much more kind to your body too.

We also have a ‘hidden’ treat waiting for you, just a few steps down from the garden in the basement of the house, where there is a full sauna, inviting you to relax. Or simply sit out on our sunny south facing terrace, which captures the sun all day, and enjoy a glass of wine that you may have picked up from one of the many wineries the area is famous for, along with a wonderful meal made from the fresh seasonal produce and specialities of the Perigord region that you may have bought from a local farmer’s market. This is French life at its best!

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