Although all 4 of our apartments could potentially be used by guests with limited mobility, apartments 2 and 4 are especially well suited to our guests who prefer to have everything all on the ground floor.

Parking is available immediately outside the front of the house, for guests who struggle to walk very far, and also for loading and unloading. There is then one sole step into the house, and one step out onto the terrace. Although the garden is slightly uneven, that too can be accessed without using the steps too.

Within apartment 2, the shower room is a spacious wet room and is situated on the ground floor, along with the kitchenette, dining area and a bed settee, which can easily be converted into a double bed at night. Therefore, there is no need to access the upstairs bedroom, if stairs are a challenge. You can find out much more about this lovely apartment HERE.

Within apartment 4, the downstairs shower room contains a standard shower cubicle, but it only has a very small step into it. Otherwise, there is also a sofa bed downstairs, again meaning that the stairs are not an issue. You can find out more HERE.

In apartments 1 and 3, the bench seating in the living area could potentially be used for one person to sleep on if required, or there is a single futon that could be brought downstairs at night time, if preferred. The shower room and all other facilities are also downstairs.

If you have any queries about whether our accommodation would be suitable for you, do please get in touch. We are more than happy to help.

Well behaved cats and dogs are also most welcome 🙂

Inge and Toni